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[Baikal Herb]
100g x 3bags, 300g / 10.58oz

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Product Name Siberian CHAGA EXTRACT
[Baikal Herb]
100g x 3bags, 300g / 10.58oz
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Manufacturer Baikal Herbs
Origin Russia
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[Baikal Herb]
100g x 3bags, 300g / 10.58oz
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Product Details

Siberian CHAGA EXTRACT  [Baikal Herb]
High-performance, Extract of real Russian chaga mushroom directly airlifted from Siberia.


Easy-to-use packaging makes it easy to apply and store Chaga Extract. A convenient clip-fastener protects the extract from contact with moisture and protects against ingress of foreign products.

Convenient packaging of high-quality Extract Chaga

Chaga or birch tree mushroom (Inonotus Obliquus) is used in Russian folk and official medicine as a preventive and medicinal means against various diseases including diabetes and cancer. Preparations made from  chaga mushroom  are used for the increase of host defenses and improvement of health during treatment of varied acute and chronic infectious and non-infectious diseases, including cancer. In Russia, chaga products are often applied to cancer patients as a combined therapy for correction of secondary immune-deficiency states. There are scientific observations conducted by Russian medical scientists proving that chaga is also very effective in treatment of diabetes of II type.

Because  chaga mushroom  grows only on birch trees and looks like a black cracked mass in appearance, in Russia it is often referred to as Black birch mushroom Chaga mushroom is a fungal parasite which draws its nutrients out of living birch trees, rather than from the ground. And a birch tree is famous in Russia as the most curative tree. Virtually every part of a birch tree contains healing substances and is aplied in folk medicine as well as in official medicine for healing purposes. These parts are: juice, leaves, buds, wood, bark. And the fact that  chaga mushroom  has so much health benefits is mostly attributed to its host.

In ancient Slavic language chaga was called «Gaga» which means « a lip» so this might be the reason for its current name. This is a mushroom that commonly grows in northern regions on birch, alder and beech trees. However, for medicinal purpose only birch chaga can be used.

Healing properties of chaga mushroom.

Chaga's purifying and healing properties have been known in Russia since 12th century. According to chronicles the Russian prince Vladimir Monomakh got rid of lip cancer thanks to chaga mushroom. Nowadays many people in Siberia still brew and drink Chaga mushroom tea instead of usual black tea or coffee. Some local people do it for health purpose but some for saving money, chaga is free for them after all.

And it's been noticed that in areas where people regularly drink chaga tea, the rate of cancerous diseases among local folk is much lower than in neighbouring regions. Stomach problems among local population are almost unheard of. Many people who drink chaga extract regularly, usually look younger than their true age and live very long, some even over 100 years.

What is  chaga in terms of medical value: chaga mushroom is a primary adaptogen, cancer fighter, immune system modulator, antitumor agent, liver cleaner, gastrointestinal tonifier, longevity tonic and genoprotective agent (DNA-shielding). Chaga is able to lower blood sugar very quickly: maximum decrease of serum glucose level can be observed in 1,5-3 hours after taking chaga extract and the blood sugar level drops for 15,8-29,9 %.

The most important feature of  chaga mushroom  that makes it outstanding from the rest of medicinal mushrooms is that it contains a complex of antioxidant pigments (chromogens) not found in any other mushroom. This is the most significant attribute of chaga mushroom distinguishing it from the rest of mushrooms! There are also many other biologically active substances in chaga that make chaga mushroom so powerful. These are polysaccharids, alkalines, phytonutrients, beta-glucans,organic acids and many important minerals and microelements such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, chrom and others. Many of anticancer properties are now being attributed to chromogenic complex (complex of humic acids). Chaga also has high level of melanin that protects DNA and fights radiation by activating a pineal gland.

In Russia, chaga was approved for public use against cancer by the Moscow Medical Academy of Science in 1955. Therefore Russian scientists are very competent about real properties of chaga due to numerous studies and clinical trials that's been conducted since then.

Preparations from chaga can be applied as an  active biogenic stimulators, which increase host defences,  stimulate central nervous and neurohumoral system (chaga increases activity of  estrogens), improve metabolism including activation of  metabolism in cerebral tissue, regulate  activity of cardiovascular and  respiratory systems, stimulate the homogeny (increase the level of leukocytes), poses antipyretic properties by  internal  and local application, strengthen cytostatic activity of antitumorigenic  preparations, detains tumor growth, causes their gradual regression and  slows down the development of metastases.

Where do we harvest our chaga?

          The most healing Siberian chaga mushroom grows in limited areas. On the above map, green color shows where chaga mushroom can be spotet in general. But yellow color shows(approximately) where does  the real Siberian healing chaga mushroom grow.

          We live in Russian Siberia, our parents and grand-grand parents  applied chaga for healing purpose on regular basis. In Russian language there is an expression "Siberian health" implying that Siberians are the most healthy people among the rest of Russian population and we believe that this is partly because of  an overall consumption of chaga in Siberia. We responsibly declare that our company has achieved the highest quality in production of chaga extract  that can be produced today. The combination of genuine Siberian chaga mushroom (wildgrown), advanced equipment for sublimation (freeze-dry) and more than 20 years of manufacturing experience made it possible for our company to create a very potent, effective and 100% natural chaga extract.

             There is only one negative thing about Russian Siberian chaga - with highly increased demand for high quality wildgrown chaga, chaga reserves of Siberia have been shrinking rather quickly. Perhaps in a not so distant future russian exporters will have to increase their export prices considerably  while demand for chaga in Russia is on the rise


            Many people cannot tell the difference between chaga tea and chaga extract. These are different products. Chaga tea is  a dried and ground chaga mushroom whereas chaga extract is a freeze-dry highly concentrated antioxidant powder received from chaga mushroom. See below video to understand the visual difference better.

100% extract of chaga

SIZE  300g / 10.58oz


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